Who we are

We are the directors of the documentary film “Tupac Amaru, Something is changing” (2012), which tells the story of the first twelve years of Tupac Amaru.

We collaborate with Pressenza, an international humanist press agency for peace and nonviolence.

Since our first visit to Jujuy (2011) there has been no doubt in our minds: we knew that what we have been seeing and experiencing, the happiness we felt, would have to be to shared with others. The schools, the swimming pools, the health care centres, the cooperatives, the townships. All this seemed to be ours, as if it had been us who laid the bricks, as if we had ourselves painted the coloured dinosaurs in the Cantri’s theme park. This joy couldn’t just stay within us.


The ultimate great joy was to meet Milagro Sala in person, a “great human being” with impressive strength and with a vision that goes well beyond herself, relentless in her struggle to help those who have less, those who have been forgotten, those who are invisible in society.

Already at the time there were voices, unfounded accusations, defamations aimed at throwing mud at this fantastic work. But of all the silly claims we did not find one to be true during our visit to Jujuy. The urge to tell, to show and to share what Tupac Amaru has achieved, has become almost a moral imperative.

Every tupaquero we met was a wonderful experience, straight from the heart. Moving stories, heavy, from those who came out of darkest poverty, out of starvation and a life on the streets. Nobody cared about them until Milagro arrived. Thanks to the tupaqueros we could tell the first twelve years of this story, in order to understand how vast the work of Tupac Amaru has been in the whole of Argentina.

Tupac Amaru is one of the principal social organisations in Argentina and, unfortunately, their fate foretells the direction in which events are currently heading: criminalisation of protests, persecution and destruction of social organisations.

Just as then we feel the responsibility to tell what is going on, to make this public.


We want to document what is happening: Milagro’s arrest and that of the other eleven members of Tupac Amaru, the formation of the Committee in their support, the national and international campaigns for their liberation, the solidarity of thousands of people who object in a non-violent way against this injustice, the Tupac Amaru, the Cantri.

We have the equipment for filming and a network of friends and organisations who are all mobilising for Milagro’s liberation and for Tupac.

We need your support in order to tell this story and to show it to as many people as possible.

This is why we have launched this crowdfunding campaign, in order get the support of all those who are supporting this cause. You can participate with a donation, by organising an event for fund raising or simply by sharing this initiative.

Some screenings of the documentary within the framework of the campaign for the liberation of Milagro Sala and the other detained tupaqueros.

In order to organise a screening, please contact us. The documentary is available on youtube.